Monday, September 12, 2016

At just the right place

The photographs were taken at Tremanskärr on August 14th.

Today I got a puncture in the rear tire of the bicycle, and I had still 1/3 of the way home left. Luckily the puncture happened near a bus stop.

At home I changed the tire, both the inner and outer one. There was a 5 mm long slash in the inner tire, made by something sharp. The puncture happened not far from the place where a similar thing happened last spring.

I was a bit surprised to get a puncture. The Swalbe Kojak outer tire has puncture protection, but I guess it isn't foolproof. I replaced it with a Marathon Plus tire. A couple of years ago I used a pair of Marathon Plus tires, and never got puctures. They lasted until they were completely worn out and had to be replaced.

(Posting title is from the poem Too Young to Marry but Not Too Young to Die by Joyce Carol Oates.)

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