Sunday, February 11, 2018

I was disturbed at this

The photographs were taken on January 3rd.

I did some repairs to the bicycle today. I replaced and tweaked the brake pads, cleaned and oiled the chain, and replaced the broken bell with a new one.

(Posting title is from the poem "I saw a man pursuing the horizon" by Stephen Crane.)


Markus said...

Fine rhythm in these birch trees, Juha!

My own cycling activities are much less than yours, they average around 40km/week, which of course results in less service activities. As Munich is a place where good bikes should not be left outside overnight, I got myself a 20 years old Peugeot-bike, which in the last 5 weeks probably got used more than in all the years together. With a good light system (a life insurance in the city) it is a good tool to get some exercise.

Juha Haataja said...

Indeed, bicycle thefts are rather common, especially if you have a new and expensive-looking bicycle. A colleague lost her bicycle this way, and the theft was even caught on surveillance camera, but that didn't much help afterwards.

The weather is warming up, which means that ice and snow will melt, making the road conditions slippery and challenging. But that is how it goes in Helsinki most of the winter: melting and freezing.