Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Window view, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Traffic, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Snow, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Tree, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Today we didn't have such a snowy day as yesterday or the day before yesterday. The snow of course remains, and it is forecasted that it will remain for quite a while, as the weather won't be getting warmer any day soon. And it is rather certain that we will have white Christmas this year.

Speaking of snow, there is a rather good article about photographing snowy landscapes by John Gravett, discussing various issues, including gear. His advice on exposure goes as follows: "Keep a close eye on your histogram and expect to have to adjust your cameras meter reading by between +0.7 and +1.7 stops. Ideally, your histogram should end just at the right hand axis, anything less than this will indicate underexposure."

This is in line with my experiences, except that sometimes there are situations where you may need to use even less adjustment to exposure, for example photographing snow on the branches of dark firs. And if there is sun in the view, then it is another game altogether. But practice makes - if not perfect, at least good enough.

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