Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cold gracious - and burning up the Buddha

It is cold out there, -17 °C which wheels like -25 °C because of the wind. And there is so much sunshine it hurts the eyes and makes them water, but that is a good feeling after all the darkness of the winter so far.

I noticed a posting about burning up the Buddha, which contained this: "There are plenty of taboos we're obsessed with. They're just so internalized that we don't even notice they're there."

This made me think about the recent discussion about the various approaches to taking photographs. Maybe I'm trying to burn up my Buddha, not really noticing that there are others worth burning up as well. Namely, I'm preaching that practice makes perfect and that I don't want make photography too serious - two things which may not be so easy to combine together. But there is the other view, that you should commit yourself fully to the discipline of taking photographs, not looking at it as a fun thing or as a routine practice.

So, which is the Buddha one should burn up?


Andrea Pryke said...

Wow Sunny is a great shot I would hang that on my wall I love it m

Juha Haataja said...