Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seeing many things

Today we got 20 cm of new snow on top of the old. The official depth of snow figure is now 82 cm here in Vantaa. And I was just writing that there are signs of spring approaching. The weather forecast tells it will get cold, and windy, and perhaps even both. Winter is not releasing its hold.

Here are six photographs taken today while walking with the wife. Plenty of snow around, and the streets and paths were not yet cleared of the new snow.

Cedric Canard at Plop was gracious to point to this blog (among others). He wrote:

I can’t imagine anywhere on this planet where there would be nothing to photograph. Maybe I just lack imagination but it’s a wonder to me that somone would struggle to find a subject to photograph. [...]

[There are] photographers who have no problems seeing many things worthy of being photographed but somehow I think the response would be along the lines “I could take that many photos too if I lived where they lived” but I don’t know how that would make a difference.

That felt funny, as I have always felt - well, maybe not always, but often enough - that there are places which much more photogenic (is that a word?) than Finland. But on the other hand, Finland has a character of its own even though it is not filled with saturated colors and exotic fauna. It would be interesting - though maybe not desirable - to live in places such as Alabama or Nizhnevartovsk, and I'm sure there would be lots of opporturnities to take photographs in those places.

On the other hand, having the passion/craving/obsession to take photographs is not always a blessing. Sometimes it feels that there is an angel (or maybe a demon) sitting on the shoulder, whispering: here is a photograph, and there, and there. It can be tiring.

But it is also rewarding, and quite often, extremely engaging.


weather said...

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Lukas B. said...

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Bill Birtch said...

Perhaps when we sometimes believe that there are other locations which offer more photo opportunities it is because we are seeing them for the first time and everything is new to us. If we can simply learn to look at our own surroundings as if we are seeing them for the first time then we would feel equally inspired. Admittedly, not an easy task but some seem to have that ability.

BTW photogenic is a word but it is an adjective so you have used it incorrectly. It is most frequently used to describe a person. For example "She has a very photogenic face." Hope that helps.

Juha Haataja said...

@Bill: Indeed, it is hard to get out of the routine way of looking at the familiar world, and to realize there is something special in front of you.