Friday, June 14, 2013

And it slithered through my fingers

I got completely soaked twice this week while commuting by bicycle, and today was the second time. In the morning the street was wet but it wasn't raining any more, except a little when I was already near the Ministry. But when I returned home it was raining, part of the way quite heavily.

One does get used to this, but still it wasn't a great feeling to get wet all over. Well, except for the feet, as I have waterproof cycling shoe covers which keep the feet (and the shoes) dry enough.

Here are photographs taken last Saturday at Vaakkoi, by the lake Väärä-Musta. Maybe I'll have some time to go walking during the weekend, to see how the summer looks after the rain.

(Posting title is from the poem I knew something was wrong by Dorothea Grossman.)

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