Wednesday, November 27, 2013

By the marsh grass waving

Here are some more photographs taken at Tremanskärr swamp on November 17th. The only drawback about Tremanskärr is the road noise which is rather prominent. Also, aircraft fly low overhead, to/from Helsinki-Vantaa airport which is nearby. In fact, I'll be flying from/to Helsinki-Vantaa airport on Friday.

Yesterday morning was cold, -7 °C at 6:40 when I left for work. I commuted by bicycle, and the commute takes now a bit longer than during summer, because of thicker clothing, studded winter tires, and more friction in the chain and gears. I have tested the lobster-style bicycle gloves a couple of times, and they have proved to be warm indeed, in fact even a bit too warm for this weather. But it is better to have warm and sweaty hands than cold and dry.

(Posting title is from the poem Stranding by Tom Sleigh.)

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