Sunday, November 24, 2013

Then why not witness, calmly gazing

Maybe I should post some more cheerful photographs to lighten the dark time of the year, but I don't have much choice. These photographs of Helsinki street views were taken while commuting by car.

On Saturday I went for a walk with my daughter to Kakarsberget at Kauhala in Kirkkonummi. This was the first time there, exploring the rocky hills west of the the Ämmässuo garbage dump. This doesn't sound like a very tempting site for visiting, but there was no noise or smell coming from Ämmässuo direction.

The map I had wasn't up-to-date, and most of the paths were not marked on the map, but we managed to find the place where the best view is from the top of the cliffs towards west. Some deer were calmly eating on a field beside a small road half a kilometer away. My daughter spotted them with her excellent eyesight, I wouldn't have noticed anything without her.

(Posting title is from the poem Song by Robert Browning.)

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