Thursday, June 2, 2016

It has no concept

The photographs were taken on May 14th in Sipoonkorpi National Park.

It rained today afternoon, and I got wet when commuting by bicycle. I took my normal route instead of going through the central park, as I thought the paths might be muddy and slippery due to rain. There is construction work going on along this route, and traffic lights to go through, and I noted that it took two minutes longer even though this is a shorter route.

I had a look at Flickr stats once again, and noted that the view counts are now going down. There used to be over 3000 daily views, and now the average is about 2000. In total there have been 1,65 million views, and I have 50,460 photos stored at Flickr, so the average view count is 33 views per photo. Not much.

Btw, GW-Images is looking for comments about Panasonic cameras.

(Posting title is from the song Seven Seconds Away by Youssou N'dour.)

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