Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Like the inscriptions on tombs

The photographs were taken at Korkeasaari Zoo on July 12th.

My Specialized Sport TR bicycle shoes are starting to need replacement, being worn out. I have got over 25,000 km of riding with them. However, the shoe model I bought six years ago is no longer available, and I need to look for a replacement. Before the Specialized shoes I had Adidas bicycle shoes, but they didn't fit my feet, and in fact my feet got so bad that ordinary walking and standing was hurting. With the Specialized shoes I haven't had any pain or inconvenience. I guess I need to go to a bicycle shop and try out shoes, but usually there are few choices available with shoe size 48 (13 in US).

(Posting title is from the poem We wonder at our shifting capacities by Anna Moschovakis.)

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