Sunday, August 6, 2017

Before take-off, before we find ourselves

The photographs were taken at Ruka on July 2nd, showing Rukatunturi hills. The white plastic covers hide piles of show, stored for the autumn for the beginning of the ski season.

One of the things which I like about London is the multitude of cultures living together, and the glimpses of enjoyment of life one can see on the streets.

In Finland there is much less of this happening, which is a pity, and I do hope things will improve. Immigration is important for many reasons, not only because of the economy which benefits of new people coming in. There are less and less children in Finland, so we need immigration to cope with the challenges of aging population. Also, because Finland has been isolated, there are unfortunately quite a lot of hereditary diseases, and widening the gene pool (so to speak) would be rather beneficial. I really don't understand the arguments of people who oppose these benefits.

(Posting title is from the poem Don't You Wonder, Sometimes? by Tracy K. Smith.)

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