Saturday, August 5, 2017

Everything looked like home

The photographs were taken on July 2nd while walking along the Valtavaara route at Ruka in Kuusamo.

Spending some time in London was rewarding although it was also exhausting. Most things were fine, but traveling in London posed problems.

We bought London travelcards, but they never worked at the underground gates. Well, once it happened that the children got through ok, and only my ticket generated an error message, but usually all the cards failed, giving error messages at gates, either "Seek assistance" or error code 09.

Luckily there was always a person somewhere near the gates to ask for help, and by showing the ticket we were able to pass the gates.

In bus traffic there were no devices for reading travel cards. One showed the ticked to the driver and that was fine.

In retrospect it would have been better to buy Oyster cards for traveling, but I'm not sure they would have worked any better, because lots of people seemed to have trouble passing the gates, even people with Oyster cards.

(Posting title is from the poem We wonder at our shifting capacities by Anna Moschovakis.)

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