Sunday, October 29, 2017

And for everything

The photographs were taken in Helsinki on October 10th.

The snow is fast melting away, but a little bit still remains. The weather forecast indicates that the rain should stop by Monday, and we might even get some sunshine. The length of day is now 8 hours 55 minutes, and shortening rapidly. Soon it will be dark in the morning when going to work, and dark in the afternoon when returning from work.

I have followed what is happening with Donald Trump, and quite a mess it is. One rather interesting thing about Trump is his body language, especially what he does with his tiny hands when he sits behind a table. It looks as if an alien creature from outer space is inside the bloated body, trying to get out. What is crazy is that this is less frightening than the fact that such a daft wanker is president. (Or is "daft twerp" a better phrase - I'm so bad with English idioms.)

(Posting title is from the poem The Meaning of the Shovel by Martín Espada.)


Ray52 said...

It seems a little churlish of me to comment on your English when I don't know a single word of Finnish but, "daft wanker" is rude, whilst "such a twit" would be totally inoffensive. Granny would have happily said twit, but never wanker. Useage depends on your audience I suppose.

Juha Haataja said...

Indeed, twit was the word I was searching for. Thanks for the explanation!

The word twit also fits Trump's habit of rambling on twitter.