Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Imagine the ways to betray a man

The photograph was taken on October 7th.

The bicycle commute takes now 10 minutes longer than in the summer, 50 minutes or more, due to studded winter tires and the clothing one needs to wear in cold weather. In the morning there was some headwind. The wind got stronger, and in the afternoon I had up to 16 m/s backwind, which was rather nice.

The weather forecast promises show for tomorrow, up to 15-20 cm, and strong wind. I started installing winter tires to the car yesterday after work, but it didn't go as planned because some of the bolts were stuck. Today I used CRC Penetrating Oil and a telescoping lug wrench to help turn the bolts. I got the remaining two tires changed. But the lug wrench got broken - I had to use a lot of force. I'm rather tired and muscles are sore.

Tomorrow I'm not planning to commute by bicycle, because riding the bicycle is not nice if there is 15 cm of wet snow on the road.

(Posting title is from the poem My Death Space Dot Com by Bruce Bond.)

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