Sunday, January 23, 2011

On the art of cooking rice

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On Friday I got stuck in the afternoon traffic jam while commuting to home from work, and listened to the radio. There was a discussion going on about the cooking of rice, the right way of doing it.

According to the radio program, there has been since 2008 a continuous active discussion about this on a forum for families (, and it doesn't show signs of stopping. A magazine had made recently a story about this, interviewing professors and celebrity cooks. And there was plenty of advice. What was funny is that the people in the radio program got into a heated argument... about cooking rice. "Let me finish what I'm saying here!" Apparently, there are some subleties involved.

Yesterday we shopped for some tableware, and I suddenly realized how good some stuff is. For example, plates and saucers made by Arabia, a Finnish company, which says at their web site: "Arabia is a trailblazer in modern Finnish design." Well, it is also a maker of stuff that goes on and on and on...

Quite different from most stuff nowadays, which seems to be of the once-use variety. Well, in any case, here are some photographs taken yesterday. It was a day which also seemed to go on and on and on.

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