Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rio Grande

View, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

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Rio Grande, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Every once in a while we go with the family to have dinner in Rio Grande, a tex-mex restaurant at Myyrmäki, Vantaa. For a tex-mex place, it is quite enjoyable, and most of all it is not part of any big chain, which tend to be industrialized to the extreme. Here you get the benefits a small place, and the food is decent - maybe I should say good, but what credentials do I have as a food critic?

I know very well that a recommendation of this kind will have no impact whatsoever on the restaurant, as so few of the readers of this blog come from Finland, but maybe there is a way even this little bit of well-wishing on the net will do some good.

Coming back to photography, here are some views from today. Next, I'll be traveling, so there is a break of some days until the next posting.

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