Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Colors of the dark

Well, today I was tired after commuting to work by bicycle. But I recovered and went for a short walk when it was already quite dark.

Now it is the time when colors start to be an attractive subject for photography, even the artificial colors produced by a mixture of natural and man-made light. The LX5 can see even when the human eye can't.

Speaking of the dark, I'm sure that the new king of the heap, namely the Canon EOS-1D X, will make some waves. It is a beast. And the ISO range goes up to 51,200, which can be expanded up to 204,800.

Of course there is the question who wants to carry such a thing, weight like an anvil, around the neck?


Christophe said...

Sure the 1Dx is a beast and it bodes well for the future of Canon's DSLR product lines.

As for the weight, it doesn't matter to me as long as I still enjoy taking pictures. My 5dII+battery grip is a lesser weight when my 3 years old son gets so tired during a walk in the forest that I have to take him on my shoulders. And I still enjoy taking pictures in these conditions.

My tolerance threshold could change in the future but so far the big fat DSLR suits me.

Juha Haataja said...

@Christophe: Well, everything is relative.

Come to think of it, they say that when one is getting older it would be good to do some (light) weightlifting to keep the bones and muscles in order. Maybe carrying a 1DX on long walks would work as an alternative to weightlifting.