Sunday, October 2, 2011

Exploring Herukkapuro rivulet

Yesterday I explored the north part of Tremanskärr bog and forests, today I went even farther up north. There is a rivulet which runs away from Kurkijärvi lake. The name of the rivulet is Herukkapuro (Tistronbäcken in Swedish), and it runs all the way to the north end of Pitkäjärvi in Hämeenkylä, Vantaa.

I explored the rivulet in the nature reserve near Vestra. The forest was rather uncultivated there, as a lot of trees had fallen and were peacefully rotting away on the ground.

My map was old, so a path shown on the map was no longer there except in bits and pieces; trees had grown on the path. And the same was happening to some fields shown on the map.

I left my car at the Korpilampi spa parking lot, which was practically empty. Maybe the place isn't so well known for the nature, and most people probably just go inside the spa.

While returning, I went all the way around lake Kurkijärvi, enjoying the sunshine. While there I started hearing voices; some people were (apparently) picking mushrooms in the forests near the lake shore on the other side of the lake.

The conversation between the people was rather humorous (for me, perhaps not for them). It was a daughter-mother discussion about nothing in particular. As the water carries sound a long distance away, I had to listen to their conversation for a long while.

"Can we go back now, please?" "Have you found any?" "No, except some yellow ones." "Yellow, what are those?" "I must start going back." "Maybe you should come here." "I need to read for the math exam." "What? Haven't you done it already?" And so on; little by little the voices become silent enough so I wasn't distracted by the words, but this discussion went on for half an hour at least.

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