Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting lost at Kurkijärvi lake

Today I went to the forests around Kurkijärvi lake, and got lost there. I had a map, but I wasn't paying attention to it, and the sky was uniformly covered by clouds so I had no idea where the sun was. Somehow I walked in a circle, across a swamp which was surrounded by small hills. All of this belonged to the nature protection area south of Kurkijärvi lake.

After walking for twenty minutes or so I came out of the thick forests - to the path where I had started from. It was an interesting experience to feel in your head how the map of the world suddenly switched from one setting to another.

In many places yellow leaves covered the ground. Aspen and birch had lost most of their foliage. It feels as if this had happened overnight.

While I was going around Kurkijärvi lake, there were men shouting on the other side, and making noise with clappers or something like it. One of the men was the loudest, repeating again and again: "Forward! Here was nothing. Forward! Here was nothing."

Maybe they were hunters, or maybe there was some other thing going on. Quite a distraction.


Markus Spring said...

Juha, "Pier" is just wonderful for me - a subject that returns every year in one form or the other, but your implementation is different, quiet, lakonic, just transporting what is without trying to transport emotions underneath - just giving to see. This works extraordinarily well for me, as I am just tired of not honest, clichee-ridden images.

Juha Haataja said...

@Markus: Thanks for the kind words. My eldest daughter also liked this photograph, wanting to see the place herself in person.

What made this photograph work was the overcast weather - it wouldn't have been the same with a blue sky - and of course the excessive amount of rain we have had.