Monday, November 12, 2012

Dance all over the surfacing

Today I commuted by bicycle. The wind direction changed, and it felt that I had headwind both when going to work and when returning home.

I'm doing repairs to the bicycle, it is over two years since the last time. In August, 2010, I had the gear hub serviced, among other things. After repairs the gear hub worked all right for two years, but now it has acted up again. It is time to get a new one, and it should arrive to the shop later this week.

I'm also having studded winter tires changed to the bicycle, to make it possible to ride when there is ice on the road. Although it seems that the studs don't really protect from falls, and one can never be too careful. I have had some falls because of ice, despite the studded tires, but fortunately nothing really serious.

After sunset I used the car. Length of day is now 7 h 42 min, still some time to go to the darkest time.

(Posting title is from the poem Love Song: I and Thou by Alan Dugan.)


Markus Spring said...

Juha, I do well remember my own experiences with studded tires: The first pair (made by Nokia) gave up after two months (~700km) with not too much snow and ice. Unfortunately the studs went through the inner layers and pierced the tubes, so I had to replace them immediately. But that was approx. 20 years ago, before the widespread usage of studded tires on MTBs. Most probably the quality is much better now

Juha Haataja said...

I have Nokian studded tires, 240 studs in front and 106 in back. After using them on several winters there is not much wear visible on them, seem to be durable. But I have had one puncture, maybe due to a grain of gravel getting in somehow.

I have managed to go uphill on an icy road where people had trouble walking... On the other hand, i have fallen down because of gravel on the ice, which acted as if ball nearings were spread around.