Monday, February 18, 2013

Rising through the old pine of the hours

I went yesterday with the two oldest children to Meiko for a walk. I thought that there would be nice paths in the forests there, like in Luukki, and we could follow a path which goes in circle touching four different lakes in Meiko. This is what we did a month ago, and it was very nice then. But now it turned out to not be a good idea.

There was a path, but it only went around lake Korsolampi. From the northeast end of the lake there were snowshoe and ski marks towards lake Immerlampi, but not a good path for normal shoes. We did try, anyway, following showshoe paths, but the snow wasn't carrying, and in places there was about 70 cm of snow to step into. Near lake Immerlampi the old walking path was somewhat visible, but there was 10-20 cm snow on top of the path, and in many places it was hard to see where the path was going.

We managed to go all the way to the northeast end of lake Immerlampi, and we had picnic there. We could have tried to go forward lake Kakarlampi, but the snow was quite deep and even though there were some snowshoe tracks those were not too good to follow on foot. So, we returned the same way, except that we went around lake Korsolampi from the west side, opposite the way we came.

The day was quite gray, and I wasn't at all inspired by the light, but I took some photographs anyway. Here you see a sample.

(Posting title is from the poem Pine by Chase Twichell.)

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