Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why not sing

I have been excessively busy at work during this week, maybe because schools have winter vacation next week, and thus many things need to be ready by Friday. Well, I do hope things will get better tomorrow, I'm well behind in things to do.

Yesterday I got rather restless, as there were meetings one after another, and sitting for hours is not good for the physical condition. I have noticed - now that I'm using a standing desk at work - that those days when there are a lot of meetings are rather hard, as I got seriously cramped when sitting. But when I have been using the standing desk I'm feeling good after a day at work.

I went for a walk yesterday after work, I felt so bad physically. And I did the same today. It helped somewhat, but still I'm far from normal. Too much sitting, that is the problem.

But one thing is getting better: length of day is now 9 hours 1 minute. That is quite good already.

(Posting title is from Book of Hours by Kevin Young.)

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