Saturday, August 22, 2015

But there must be some kind of satisfaction

Yesterday I got five deer fly crawling on the skin, the first time this summer. They used to be rare, but now there is plenty of them almost everywhere in forests and swamps.

Today I explored forests and swamps northeast of lake Odilampi. I have never been there before, and will probably return there. Near the Petikko landfill area there was a lot of noise coming from the machines, but otherwise it was quiet.

The photographs were taken at Koli on July 26th. It started to rain soon after we arrived at Koli, and from Sunday afternoon to Monday morning there was 30 mm of rain, half of the average amount of rain for a whole month.

(Posting title is from the poem Shift by Jamaal May.)


SHE said...

do you know what to call a fly with no wings?

- a walk.

compliments of my dad.. has a joke for everything..


Love the photographs as always.. and, interesting as the audience to note the square vs. rectangle, etc. I imagine it is as true for lighting, composition, close-up, vs. distance.. as it is for shape of final product:

that there exists many, many options

but there is one which does compliment the content better than the others..

and when every single factor compliments the others to their highest potential

you have a masterpiece.

which of course makes me curious.. which photographs among your gazillions..

you put in this category. -which photographs in your opinion of your own work

cannot be improved upon?

have a blessed week!

Juha Haataja said...


I don't think any of the photographs I have taken is without fault, they all have things that could have been done better, but even if they are misses each and everyone of them, I don't regret the process of taking photographs, as it allows me to attempt to see things, even if failing time after time to really capture what there was to be seen. On the other hand, I never have had to select between a thousand misses and one masterpiece...