Monday, August 24, 2015

Embraced in being

These photographs were taken on July 26th at Koli.

I have been using Flickr for storing my photographs since 2008. Currently I have over 45,000 photographs stored, 130 GB in total. Recently Flick changed the terms for "unlimited" Flickr Pro accounts, and I'm bit unsure what that means in the future. A price increase quite possibly. But at least my Flickr stream remains ad-free.

Flickr Pro offers a new kind of statistics display for view counts, but I'm a bit unsure whether I have any use for it, or whether such things are in fact harmful to know. Today I had a look anyway. During the summer the daily view count dropped to 300, but it is now coming back up to 3000...4000 daily views. It seems that Flickr users are systematically going through the photographs, generating a lot of views. Another source is searches with the search term "lx100", which generates hundreds of views every once in a while.

(Posting title is from the poem Holding On by Richard O. Moore.)

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