Saturday, October 24, 2015

And watch your own heart go out like the red throbbing dot

On October 3rd I went to Velskola, and walked past lake Pitkäjärvi, circled around lake Kattilajärvi, and returned via lake Vääräjärvi. Autumn colors started to be in prominence.

Today I walked for 2 h 15 minutes at lake Myllyjärvi near Pirttimäki, exploring the nearby lakes and forests. It starts to be near the end of the autumn colors season.

Yesterday I wrote about the problems I'm having with the rear dial of the Panasonic LX100. When using the P mode, the rear dial can activate by itself and change the aperture and speed settings. Well, I realized today that there is an easy cure: switching to aperture priority mode. In fact, aperture priority has been my choice since I bought my first camera, the Minolta XG-1, and I have been using it with the LX3 and LX5. However, last spring I switched to P mode when I noticed that it works quite well on the LX100, making more or less the same choices I would normally be making when using aperture priority. Now the dark season is once again upon us, so it may be easiest to set the aperture ring to f/1.7 and keep it there.

(Posting title is from the poem The Green Flash by Derek Walcott.)


SHE said...

this back to back beauty astounds me.. oh! to see the autumn leaves like that! such perfectly calm water, those blue-ish/purple-ish skies.. and the trees communicating...

i speak nature pretty fluently,

but camera speak is as foreign to me as.. Finnish or Chinese

how lucky I can appreciate these photographs without needing to know what the heck you are talking about..


Juha Haataja said...

Oh yes, It was a bitingly beautiful day when I took these photographs. The parking place at Velskola was full of cars, and people had backpacks and sleeping bags and mattresses. However, I only met half a dozen people during the walk, even though lake Kattilalampi is quite popular destination in the Nuuksio wilderness.