Monday, March 21, 2016

It was glorified by my distance

The photographs were taken in Luukki on February 25th.

I commuted by bicycle today, and it was good. In the morning there was a little bit of new snow on the road, and in some places there was ice under the snow. In the afternoon the snow had melted, and so had a lot of the ice, so the road was mostly bare. In the morning one needed studded winter tires, but in the afternoon summer tires would have been ok except for some patches of ice. I had a studded winter tire in the front and a slick summer tire in the back, which was a working compromise.

The same conditions probably apply each day this week, because of cold nights: ice in the morning, which melts away by the afternoon. However, the conditions could be much worse for riding the bicycle. For example, there could be dead kangaroos on the road.

In March I have got 303 km of riding the bicycle, and 751 km in total so far this year. Not bad considering that I lost a week of riding when the old bicycle got broken.

(Posting title is from the poem Fourth of July, 2012 by Robyn Schiff.)

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