Saturday, March 26, 2016

Patiently, clear-sighted

The photographs were taken on March 6th at Luukki.

This morning I explored for 2 1/4 hours the valley of love, which is what Lemmenlaakso means in English. This was the first time to visit Lemmenlaakso, in Järvenpää 35 km north of Helsinki.

A river makes a lot of curves around the Lemmenlaakso valley, and there are paths to follow along the river. Between April 1st and July 15th it is forbidden to walk elsewhere than on the marked paths in the protected area by the river, because birds are nesting there. Today I walked outside the marked paths, climbing up and down the river banks. I didn't meet other people until I returned to the parking place. It wasn't quite so quiet, though. The big E75 road nearby produces a lot of noise.

Today there was still some snow left on the ground, and ice on the river, but spring is advancing. There was some rain in the morning, and temperature stays above 0 °C, raising to +4 °C in the afternoon.

(Posting title is from the poem Cloud Fishing by Phillis Levin.)

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