Wednesday, February 8, 2017

And kept a pack of fools around you

The photograph was taken on January 14th.

It was cold in the morning, -14 °C, but it got warmer, -6.5 °C in the afternoon. I got to know that the combination of a dentist's appointment and commuting by bicycle in cold weather can produce surprising results. Due to local anesthesia the face muscles didn't work properly, and there was more saliva production that usually, which meant that my chin got a covering of frozen saliva, and there were icicles hanging as well.

I have been thinking about the orange one who tries to make America hate again. I think it is not only him who should be the target of the #resist movement, it is especially those politicians who are enabling his atrocities, some actively defending him but most being silent about the viciousness.

(Posting title is from the poem You Who Wronged by Czeslaw Milosz.)

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