Monday, February 20, 2017

Is to carve a portion of the day

The photographs were taken on January 28th in Nuuksio.

This morning I walked for 2 h 20 min in the north parts of Sipoonkorpi National Park. My car was the only one at the parking place near Västerhov. I walked to lake Kantorsträsk, and it was somewhat disappointing to find out that a lot of forestry work had been done north of the lake, of the clearcutting type. The landscape had changed a lot, and I got somewhat lost, but that turned out to be a fine thing as I found new routes across the forests and swamps.

I have been thinking about Orange Agent, who can't be trusted with anything, and who can be manipulated to do terrible and unpredictable things without any moral sense. He is such a tiny human being, without any redeeming qualities. It isn't funny any more, it is downright scary.

(Posting title is from the poem DetoNation by Ocean Vuong.)

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