Saturday, March 18, 2017

And now I saw again how attractive

The photographs were taken on March 17th in Helsinki with an iPhone SE. I managed to import the 200 photographs I took to Aperture, and most of them turned out fine, given my inexperience of using the iPhone. I even found out how to delete 200 photographs at one go from the iPhone.

Compared to the Nokia E7 which I had earlier, the camera in the iPhone SE is dramatically better, in fact quite useful when there is no "real" camera to use. In fact, it may turn out that I'll take quite a lot of photographs with the iPhone, given the convenience of carrying it with me always. Especially as there is a setting for using the square aspect ratio. The Camera app remembers the settings used previously, making it a rather convenient tool. I practised how to focus to a particular point and how to set the exposure, and even though the user interface is still a bit strange, mostly it works as one would expect it to work.

(Posting title is from the poem Les Saltimbanques by Matthew Sweeney.)

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