Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I did some work with our Toyota car today, replacing a couple of light bulbs. That is not something one does for fun, and it ended badly, as I lost one of the rubber dust covers of the lamps. It wasn't under the car, and I didn't see it in the engine compartment anywhere. I even asked my sharp-eyed daughter to come and have a look with a flashlight, but she didn't find it either. I guess a replacement part should be relatively cheap, but this is annoying nevertheless.

A much happier thing was that I received the Charles Cramer print, Aspen in Fog. I managed to have only a short look at it, and it was gorgeous. But at that point I was quite tired and didn't have time to experiment where to hang it on the walls, and how best to frame it.

Also, there will be a break in postings here due for a couple of days. I'll come back after a while.

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