Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skiing in Lapland, day 1: problems in the nano-world

I attended a meeting at Levi, a skiing resort in Lapland. Here are some photographs taken during the first day.

I used "nano skis" made by the Finnish company Peltonen. The material should be such that you don't need to wax the skis: "Nanogrip™ is a glide wax and a grip wax at the same time and it is applied onto the ski already at Peltonen factory."

Well, my first day experience was far from satisfactory. The skis iced up, and of course there was a lot of grip, I could practically walk up the hills, but there wasn't much glide in the skis.

I went back to the store to complain, and they explained that the conditions were just too bad for the skis, and applied some silicon spray to improve the glide. I'll tell later how (and if) this helped during the second day.

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