Monday, May 16, 2011

Finland - the best ice hockey team in the world

I guess this is a bit old news, but anyway: on Sunday Finland won the 2011 World Championship in ice hockey. There were a lot of surprises this time, for example USA and Canada were rather weak, and didn't manage to get even into semifinals.

Before the final Finland was speculated by many to be the underdog, compared to Sweden which had put in a very strong performance in earlier games. For example, their goalkeeper had been awarded the Most Valuable Player title in the championships. But it turned out otherwise: we beat our archrival by 6-1, making five goals in the last period.

You can guess there has been partying in Finland both yesterday and today when our team, "Lions", arrived back home. And even though we finally got some rain, it didn't cool the feelings.

But anyway, back to photography. Here are some photographs from today. And guess what: a Leica lens was used.


Andreas said...

Nationalism, here we come again :)

I suppose it will only have an end when the game is "Terrans against The Aliens" (imagine aliens skating?), but I'm afraid we will only lift the notion of nation to a new level. And so we will do with war.

But then, maybe I'm wrong and we are safe here on earth, because all the garbage we release in high orbit will create an impenetrable protection shield around this lonely planet of loonies :)

Juha Haataja said...

You are quit right - why do we spoil a good game with rampant nationalism?

Andreas said...

Hehe, we all do. Austrian skiing, German soccer, Pakistani cricket, all the same. Greens against Blues, 1500 years, and I am quite positive that this is not how it all started :D