Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flowers, hurried

This was a day with little time for admiring the summer. But here are two photographs, of flowers, eagerly popping up everywhere.

Addendum: I'll be traveling the next few days, if Icelandic ash doesn't mess things up. So, we are having a pause in the postings here.


Anonymous said...

The "Ribes" flowers are fine, almost flowing like a warm summer rain. Thanks for the cautious coloring.

Wholesale Flowers Co said...

The flowers shown are similar to wax flowers. Perhaps from the same genus or flower family?

Juha Haataja said...

@Markus: Cautious coloring is thanks to the LX3 standard film mode and jpeg engine - it works sometimes miracles.

@Wholesale: I don't know about wax flowers, but Spiraea type bushes are very popular here in Finland.