Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why are you taking a photograph of THAT?

Today was a busy day, and I managed to go for a very short walk only. While I was taking photographs of a ditch, two schoolboys came and asked what I'm doing. "Taking a photograph." "Of what?" "Of that piece of wood." "Of THAT? Why?" "You don't see wood floating in water every day." "Yes you do!"

Well, after that I just had to include the "Wood" photograph here even though it turned out not to be anything special.

And then there is a photograph of Money Plant (Crassula ovata), which contains (for me) a bit unusual subject matter. Don't know whether this works.


Andreas said...

Yeah. Happens all the time. In general, people seem to have a very narrow definition of what makes a worthy subject. For instance any popular view with some partner, friend or member of the family in front :)

Cedric said...

Yes, this does happen a lot. Andreas is right too, some people look at my pics and ask "it would have been nicer if you'd included your wife or your kids in it" or something along those lines. Funny really.

Juha Haataja said...

Well, I haven't had a great deal of these experiences. This is I guess rather easy to explain by factoring in the low population density, and that I'm mostly taking photographs in forests and other locations where you don't see much people. And the Finns are quite reserved people. Also, having a cutting-edge DSLR with a big lens would be easier to spot.

Myn.pheos said...

I'm glad you included it here. I think it really stands out of these 6 pictures.

Of the various "boring subjects", it's not possible that everybody could or wanted to experinent, so there is propably a lot of misunderstanding. It is indeed a very strange feeling when people just watch you doing something not normal in their opinion. I did it once, taking pictures of ground (doesn't matter it was a mossaic), standing back to a cathedral.

Juha Haataja said...

@Myn.pheos: Thanks! I have found that one should always take a photograph, whatever the impulse - otherwise, one may regret a lost opporturnity.