Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hurt feet

Now that I have been commuting by bicycle several times a week, my feet have started to hurt. But it goes away if I take a break of several days. I have been thinking about this. Finally I concluded that the shoes I'm using are to blame: they are too small and narrow for my feet.

So, today I went (while I was commuting back home) to a bicycle shop and tried new shoes, aiming for a wider design. And the first pair I tried fitted perfectly: Specialized Sport Touring Shoe, size 47 (13 US/UK). I haven't yet tested them in actual use, except for putting in the Shimano cleats and checking them out.

Have to see how it goes. It is not good to have such pain in the feet; it hurts especially going up and down the stairs.


Colin Griffiths said...

Specific cycling shoes are best, for sure, but you should experiment with the cleat position as that can cause problems with tendons around your joints if they are not set correctly. The SPD cleats that you will have are tolerant of "in-out" movement though you should try to be aware of whether your heal is being pushed out of it's natural line in any way (either in towards or out away from the pedal cranks. It's also important to aim to have the cleat directly under the ball of your foot where you will gain most efficiency when pressing down on the pedal. You should take your Allen Key out with you so that you can experiment with different positions. It might take a few attempts, but when you get it sorted it will just feel right. It's good to know that you are a fellow cyclist, good luck and I hope your feet feel better.

Juha Haataja said...

@Colin: Thanks for the useful instruction on how to set the cleats.

I was using SPD cleats with my previous shoes as well, but they just weren't right for my feet. When I bought them, it was "sale time", and there was only one pair which somehow fitted my feet, although there were a bit too small and too narrow.

I shouldn't have bought those shoes, as I was suffering discomfort right from the beginning, but then the discomfort turned into pain which is not a good thing. I hope the new shoes are better.