Saturday, June 25, 2011


The word "nostalgic" refer here to two things: a mood and a setting on the LX3/LX5.

First, about the mood. These photographs were taken at Myllyjärvi, which is "Mill Lake" in English. There are at least three so named lakes in Espoo; this is the one which is near Bodom Lake. It is a quiet place, and rather beautiful, especially when wet.

Second, about the film mode "nostalgic" on the LX3/LX5. Andreas tried it on his LX5 and seems to like the results. I have used it on the LX3, and it works well. I think the name nostalgic is quite misleading in the film mode, if you don't mean that nostalgic is the same as "like the real world". All these photographs were taken with the same setting that Andreas tried on the LX5, and they work equally well on the LX3.


Andreas said...

I'm still struggling to find out what the best settings for "Nostalgic" are. Saturation at -1 is probably too low, +1 seems fine in many cases, 0 is probably the safest bet. At the moment I am back to 0. It may depend on the quality of light though.

Juha Haataja said...

@Andreas: I tend to leave the settings as they are - in fact, I'm not quite sure what settings I had been using the last half a year or so; in any case it was some variation of the nostalgic film mode. As long as it works...