Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Being in a photography rut

There was a "N steps to happiness" type posting at Digital Photography School, titled Are You in a Photography Rut? 11 Tips to Get Out of It! I sort of disagree with some of the things there, and agree on some others, but mostly I just don't like such lists, they trivialize life.

Anyway, here is my attemp at such a list, related to my 200,000 photographs posting from yesterday. But who I am to write: for me photography is like breathing, I can't stop it.

Anyway, my list is titled Being in a photography rut (and loving it):

  • Do you like to photograph what you photograph? Then keep on doing it!
  • Do you like to go for a walk with a camera? Then keep on doing it!
  • Do you like the camera you have? Then keep on using it!
  • Do you like to follow the work of other photographers? Then keep on doing that!
  • Do you want to know more about the subjects you take photographs of? Then keep on taking photographs!
  • Do you like to take photographs without a theme, on the spur of themoment? Then keep on doing that!
So there!


Andreas said...

Yeah, lists. At least SOME people must like them :)

Markus said...

Good twist - however one could say if you like what you do (and are successful according to your own standards) it's supposedly not a rut

Cedric said...

Nice one :)

Like Andreas, I don't like those N whatevers to whatevers type articles that try to pass off as journalism but are nothing more than lazy writing.

I've been enjoying your summer pics lately by the way.

Juha Haataja said...

@Andreas: I guess this is the reason why PowerPoint rules...

@Markus: I looked at the definition of the idiom be in a rut, and it said "in a type of boring habitual behavior". I don't know they put the word "boring" there - I guess nowadays you are expected to do new, new, new stuff all the time. Or get new experiences, whatever that means.

And there is also the thinking that nothing should be done because of the doing itself, it has always to lead to something. (Success?) Well, I think the joy is in the doing.

@Cedric: Thanks - I have enjoyed the summer!