Friday, July 29, 2011

Taking photographs without the Panasonic LX3

The LX3 which got broken yesterday stays broken. We went today to the Siikajärvi forests, for a walk and to eat blueberries, and I tried to use the Nokia E7 mobile phone for taking photographs.

Getting the exposure right is a problem, and I don't much like the overall appearance of the photographs. But here are some samples. The conditions for taking photographs were good: a thin cloud cover softening the light, and wetness due to rain which had saturated the colors in the landscape.


Andreas said...

Different camera, same photographer. Works :)

Well, the technical quality is not up to the LX3's standard, but I'm surprised how good these images are.

Markus Spring said...

Andreas summed it up already: Works! And "puddle" works especially well for me.

This is something what I didn't want to hear in my beginner years: If you can photograph, it won't matter much what kind of gear you use. It's true, and the best excuse to buy gear is invalidated.

Which doesn't say of course that the phone camera is a full replacement for a LXx or any other dedicated camera. I'd say one must be much more carefully adapt to and work around the limitations. But in the right hands it can be a valid imaging tool.

Juha Haataja said...

@Andreas and Markus: Thanks!

Well, I think the conditions were about perfect for the E7, nothing too challenging.

As I don't have an LX3 replacement yet, I'll continue using the E7 for a few days. There are many usability issues, such as the fact that there doesn't seem to be any way to store favorite settings, and the default ones aren't great.