Saturday, July 30, 2011

Seeing non-square

Today I continued to use the Nokia E7 for taking photographs. I realized there is a way of storing default settings in the "M" mode of the camera phone. It is not M for manual, but at least one can tailor something: select scene mode (landscape), sensitivity (low), exposure compensation (-0.5 EV), use of the flash (no), contrast (normal) and so on.

Here are further E7 samples, this time from the Luukki forests, where there were sweet berries to be tasted.

And what will be the next camera after the LX3, that was the question - or was it?

One thing was missing this time: the urge to compare different cameras to find the absolutely best one. Gear-shopping can be a source of enjoument in itself, and when the LX3 broke, I guess here would have been an excellent opporturnity to indulge oneself. But no.

I have a tentative date with the LX5 next Monday at end of day. Also, a spare battery is on the way - not a Panasonic original but a copy, less than half the price.

But I must confess spending some time online reading about the LX5, thinking about the differences between the LX3 and the LX5. The differences shouldn't be that great, but there are some, such as the control wheel.

I have already a plan what to do when I get my hands on the LX5: charge the battery (and start charging the spare one), go through the settings (aperture priority, film mode etc. etc.) and store them in C1, and then start experimenting. I won't be reading the LX5 manual at first - provided that everything works as planned.

And it seems that there is no need to update the firmware, as there doesn't seem to be any updates available. I guess the LX5 is quite a mature camera.

But until then, I have to cope with the Nokia E7, which isn't so pleasant. I miss composing in the square aspect ratio; it is something which has grown into me. Now I have difficulties. All I see are squares.


Andreas said...

All three images are up to your high standard, #1 is divine and #3 is a testament to how far phones have come. Amazing.

Juha Haataja said...

@Andreas: Thanks!

I did some reading on the Nokia E7 camera, and this produced a surprise - it is an EDoF camera. I wrote a new posting about this.