Monday, August 15, 2011

iPhoto is still not getting rid of deleted files

Do you know how to put iPhoto on a diet? Namely, I thought I had solved the issue of iPhoto not properly cleaning up deleted photographs from the library. Well, at least I got back 200 GB of disk space.

But today I noticed that disk space is being consumed rapidly - and iPhoto is the culprit. Since yesterday it hasn't cleaned up the deleted files when using the Empty trash command. All files are still there, hidden inside iPhoto Library.

Is there anything to be done? Wall, I can wait for a new version of iPhoto (who knows if there will be one which solves the issue); or periodically clean up the library (this takes several hours and may be risky); or switch to another program, e.g. Aperture. For now this isn't quite so urgent, as there is now 250 GB of free disk on the iMac, but at some point I need to do something.

Any recommendations?

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