Monday, August 15, 2011

LX5, meet LX3 - LX3, meet LX3

A colleague was gracious enough to provide me with a used LX3, to replace the old one which got broken. (Thanks, Leif!)

The new LX3 is silver in color. Our daughters like it - they will be the main users. But it is good to have a backup camera in case the LX5 fails. (Provided that the daughters let me use it.)

I think LX3 is an excellent camera for learning photography. And I don't mean just using the "intelligent" modes, although they too can be useful in making first contact with photography.

And although my old LX3 was broken, I have two rather new batteries for it, and now also a spare charger.

The silver LX3 is in excellent condition. By visual inspection, the lens seems to be as good as new. And the battery compartment door, which was rather loose on my old LX3, is much firmer on this one, almost as firm as on my LX5. So, maybe the battery door issue (it opened by itself) was isolated and not widespread.

Also, it is funny how fast you get used to a new camera. The SD card is inserted into the LX5 the other way than in the LX3 (facing backward vs. forward), and I kept on trying to insert it the other way.

At some point I may try some comparison shots with the LX5 and the LX3. I stored my favorite settings, slightly modified, in C1, to be used when needed. But I expect the children will be mostly using the iA mode, at least in the beginning.

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