Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wet views - and using the LX5 at ISO 1000

I have been sitting in a car all too much this week. And the traffic in Helsinki isn't such a smooth experience, sometimes you get stuck for a long time in the same place.

And it has been raining a lot.

So, here are wet views of the world. Most taken out of a car window. It seems that it is possible to get a sort of watercolorish feeling to this kind of photographs, although getting it just right would require a lot of practice.

At night I tried shooting at ISO 1000. The JPEG was acceptable, but I used a version developed from RAW anyway, to get some practice. Anyway, it is great to be able to shoot handheld (1/20 s exposure) even when using the tele end of the LX5 lens.

This bodes well for the late autumn when it will be dark indeed. Handheld photography will be possible - and even a pleasure - in the dark season.


Markus Spring said...

"Tree" being my favourite out of this series, I do enjoy very much the soft colors in your recent images - and after too much sun in the last weeks for me, images of rainy sceneries exert a certain addtional attraction.

Good to read, that together with Aperture, the LX5 becomes a darkness-adapted tool. I always wondered how you could get along without high-iso capabilities in this long Finnish winters. Of course, with a DSLR (and without fast lenses) I need those ISOs above 1000 quite a bit earlier, but still - having them available was a real eye-opener for me.

Juha Haataja said...

@Markus: My solution was to use a mini-tripod or put the camera on top of something, such as a pile of snow, and shooting at ISO 100.

That limited the possibilities for compositions quite a lot. Though it wasn't quite such a bad thing, as sometimes restrictions make one more creative that with full freedom.

But the ability to use ISO 1000 will offer lots of new possibilities during the dark season ahead.

Admin SoulGraphics said...

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