Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pondering an artist's statement

I got a confirmation e-mail from Blurb saying that the photo book From Pukaro to Valkmusa has been printed and shipped. It should be here on Friday. Can't wait.

By the way - this applies to those who can use the Groupon service - there is an offer of getting USD 45 worth of photo books from Blurb for USD 20; this is valid for a couple of days. Sadly, I can't use this here in Finland.

When editing From Pukaro to Valkmusa I was thinking of including some kind of artist's statement in the text, saying something like "this book explores two complementary aspects of life in Finland: rampant commercialism (and fixation on things); and the idea of nature preservations, specifically related to sustainable living".

However, this felt just too pretentious, and I omitted all such things from the text. Let the viewer look at the photographs, that suffices...

Mike Moats made a nice posting on the topic of an artist's statement, formulating it thus: Hi I’m Mike Moats, and I just like to take pretty pictures. The End.

That would be good enough for me also.

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