Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cough during applause

What a surprise! Thunder and lightning in December in Finland? This is very, very rare.

Just as I was preparing dinner for the family, a lightning bolt hit close, to a hill about 100 m away, without any advance warning... It seemed that the sound came before the flash that lighted up the hillside. Maybe there is a tree there that got the hit. It is too dark to go and have a look.

After dinner we went to a concert where our daughter played the piano. She had also made a Christmas greeting card to her piano teacher, for which she had written several poems, and the piano teacher read one of these poems in the introductory speech for the concert. The poem had the touch of a poet in the making...

But I had a bit of trouble in the concert as the cough bothers me still. It was occasionally hard to keep silent and not cough. Luckily most of the pieces were short, and I coughed when it was time for applause.


ken bello said...

Another fine set of photos but the one labeled "Dark" is haunting me.

Markus Spring said...

Besides the cough, it sounds like a wonderful evening, seeing and listening the kids grow... Congratulations!

Juha Haataja said...

@ken: Maybe it is the motion blur of the little hooded one... she is fast.

@Markus: Thanks, it was a very nice evening indeed.