Sunday, February 5, 2012

Always use a well-sharpened pencil

There were a lot of things to do today, and so I went out late when it was already dark. The decisive second round of the presidential election in Finland was held today, so I walked to the voting place, voted with a well-sharpened pencil, and walked a little bit more.

(The title of this posting is taken from the poem Editing the Moon by Caroline Caddy.)


Paul said...

After reading this post, I ran to read a bit about the government of Finland. It is interesting that you have both a Prime Minister and a President. Seems that the president doesn't have that much power, though, at least not domestically. A very interesting system and I kind of like the multiple rounds of voting. Kind of like sports playoffs :) I would guess it is like our run-off elections to see who gets to go against the incumbent.

Juha Haataja said...

@Paul: You are indeed right about the relatively weak power of the president compared to some other countries. But still, the president does have real power, and it depends on the individual if the president want to use it or not.