Sunday, February 12, 2012

Left with ideas I could not break

I went skiind for an hour today. It was a gray day once again, but the skiing was good. We got some fresh snow, about 2 cm of it, and the depth of snow is now 51 cm.

And the length of day is now 8 h 51 min, which is three hours more than it was at the shortest. That makes a difference.

(Post title from Swallow the Lake by Clarence Major.)


Christophe said...

Juha, I've been wondering about your snow depth figures for a while... Where are you getting those? The only information I'm able to find from the Finnish Meteorological Institute is their snow depth map which is not accurate at all (it says 20-50cm now).

Juha Haataja said...

@Christophe: I have been looking at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport snow depth figures, see FMI page for Vantaa local weather.

Oops, it seems that the snow depth figure just updated, it is now 52 cm.

And of course the local depth of snow can vary a lot. But this figure has been about right for where we live.

Paul said...

I love that first shot, Juha! Very nice.

Juha Haataja said...

@Paul: Thanks! Ice and snow on top of the lake allow access to viewpoints otherwise difficult to reach...

Though this winter the ice has been weak, until the really cold weather arrived.