Saturday, February 18, 2012

The way you woke this morning

I mentioned in a posting two months ago that I bought a tea infuser for brewing green tea. In fact, I bought two similar ones, one for home and one for work. I have experimented with several brands of green tea, and slowly I'm getting the hang of it, occasionally using too warm water, or letting it brew too long.

Today I drank a lot of green tea, about one liter of it, to fight the symptoms of a flu which has bothered me since Thursday. Coughing, headache, some pain in the muscles, but no high fever so far.

And in addition to the flu I injured my left foot slightly yesterday, hitting it agains the sharp corner of the leg of an armchair. The middle toe has a dark red-blue bruise, and walking is a bit awkward. But still, I managed to go for a short walk today, taking some photographs at night.

(Posting title is from Green Tea by Dale Ritterbusch.)

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