Friday, March 1, 2013

All will be changed in the world

Here are four photographs I took yesterday. The temperature was well above 0 °C, and snow was melting. I commuted by bus and tram, reading a book on the way.

It is getting colder now, next night the temperature will drop to -15 °C. That should mean that the snow gets hard enough to carry a person walking, and I'm planning to test it. But where to go? Some place which offers a lot of fine scenery not ordinarily easily accessible would be nice. Maybe the forests at Luukki would be good, or maybe I should try a completely different place.

There was a news item today that this has been a winter with least sunshine in 50 years. And it has been clouded almost all the time, making days dark and gray. Well, spring brings longer days, and maybe even sunshine.

(Posting title is from a poem about winter by Inger Christensen, translated by Susanna Nied.)

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