Friday, August 2, 2013

Immediacy is retro

Here are photographs taken at the top of Sallatunturit fells, where I climbed with the children. In the last photograph you see my new running shoes, the only ones in the shop that fitted my feet. I'm growing used to the color. I got a comment that the shoes are "retro style", but I don't remember this color ever been in fashion. But then, I don't follow fashion.

I got yesterday the new battery for my MacBook, from the second shop I tried. (I'm still discussing getting the refund from the first shop.) So far so good, have to see how it goes. The old battery had 207 charge cycles at the end, not terribly many, but it was quite swollen already, preventing the touchpad from working properly and making the bottom of the MacBook bulge. Now that is fixed.

There is still 1 hour 10 minutes left of the first charge, the endurance of the battery feels like luxury. The old battery lasted well under two hours in use.

(Posting title is from the poem Paragraph by Rae Armantrout.)

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